Our Services

Nesh specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to complex client problems with deployment on all major technology platforms.

Nesh software development methodology is lean, agile and flexible while addressing risks that come with it through test-driven development, automated reviews, and release engineering practice. We have adopted best practices from the eXtreme Programming (XP) world and selectively leverage the iterative approach to releases to achieve right-first-time (RFT) delivery.

Nesh has ready-made frameworks and the tools to customize, develop and deliver your mobile app for iPhone Android.

Our team brings world-class experience, design and development expertise for start-ups, SMBs and enterprises. We have a streamlined workflow, provide an easy to use interface, use rapid and agile software development techniques, and engineer mobile deployments that can scale from the local to the global. We will focus on providing a high quality user experience and a rigorous quality assurance process.

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Web portal design has become more complex than ever before. Successful portals must seamlessly support multiple browsers, integrate with social media and be secured from external and internal hacking while providing an easy to use interface.No worries. Nesh has a proven track record of innovation in Web portal strategy and development.

We will work with you and your specific business priorities to get at the target audience definition, social media strategy development, use case development, security strategy, portal design, search engine optimization, and architecture of back end systems for scalability. We can also provide Cloud-based managed services for cost-effective operations and everything from a sales dashboard, location tracking, social applications, and CRM systems to telecom billing solutions.

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The “internet of things” is the exciting next generation of development we are all fascinated to see.

Home monitoring, fitness tools, smart machines, location-based functionality… the list goes on to incorporate countless ways to utilize our tech expertise. Nesh is an innovator in tracking systems and incorporates that functionality into many of the projects we work on.

Talk to us about your idea or goal and let’s see what we can make!

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Nesh has a track record of innovation in Cloud strategies having developed best practices for engineering cloud deployments for high availability and fault tolerant operations while ensuring that expected cost savings are realized. The Nesh team also brings world class experience with Cloud solutions ranging from Amazon Cloud (EC2), Windows Azure, HostGator and eApps.

Nesh technologies can provide a complete range of services to assist clients in developing and implementing a successful Cloud strategy. Our services include definition of business priorities concerning the Cloud, developing new or migrating existing applications to the Cloud, architecting and engineering cloud-based deployments to meet current and future scale requirements as well as security strategies and vulnerability assessments. We can even provide Cloud-based managed services removing the burden of becoming skilled in Cloud-based deployments from internal IT staff.

The Nesh team can bring a broad range of expertise to ensure that our clients’ Cloud projects meet expectations. Nesh also has developed new methods for monitoring performance and security of Cloud deployments.


A typical 3-Tier Auto scalable web application architecture in AWS uses:

  • Load balanced VM’s in different availability zones with auto scaling for App Servers
  • Amazon RDS with replication or MySQL on a VM for RDMS
  • Amazon DynamoDB for No-SQL requirements
  • Amazon S3 with cloudfront for images, videos and files
  • Amazon Elasticache or REDIS for In-memory data store and cache
  • Amazon Cloud Search for Search requirements
  • Amazon SES for Email and SNS for Notifications
  • Amazon cloud watch for alerts/alarms

Depending on the specific requirements, an Application may use some or all of the components above.


Check Here to view our recent case studies.

How do we do that?

We strategize with you. In order to focus on delivering the right solution, Nesh will undertake a holistic discussion of the development process with you. Whether you come to us with a concept for a solution, or need help developing one, we will review what your desired goals are and make sure we’re in agreement on how to achieve them.

We’ll work with you to identify which services you’ll need to implement your solution—NESH offers web, mobile, e-commerce, IoT, and cloud applications, as well as programming, testing, security, and maintenance. We also offer Digital Partner service levels to meet varying client needs. Full service is available but not required; we understand that you may not want or need it all.

a) Our Strategy goal: Determine the right strategy and process and align them so the path to your solution is clear and mapped out.

b) Our Service goal: Provide the right mix of services to make you successful. The sources we utilize to deliver your solution can be tailored to your strategy and goals.We provide staffing capabilities worldwide. We work with you to meet your needs with regard to budget, speed-to-market, efficiency, expertise, language and culture.

c) Our Source goal: Provide the right sources to deliver your solution faster, better and at a lower cost than other providers.