Nesh Technologies is focused on helping our clients participate in two of the overarching technology trends in the current era-social media and mobile technology. Nesh delivers social enabled Web portals and mobile applications that strengthen customer and employee engagement with increased IT agility and reduced costs by leveraging the Cloud.

The Nesh team has the expertise to help its clients with developing strategies to benefit from the latest changes occurring within society with the wide spread use of social media, mobile applications and the Cloud. Nesh offers a complete set of consulting services to help our clients understand the impact of these changes in their business and develop strategies and plans to leverage these trends to grow their business and reduce costs.

Nesh Technologies has been providing customized Web portal, mobile and Cloud solutions to businesses, multinational organizations and start-up ventures since 2009 with a focus on quality, flexibility and continuity. Nesh has a repository of reusable components and solution frameworks to jump-start new development projects thereby slashing development and quality assurance time by 30{69a849d51662c70de7dc5b70c2019d1ee7e908d4b61cb2402ba96b316465e070} to 50{69a849d51662c70de7dc5b70c2019d1ee7e908d4b61cb2402ba96b316465e070}.

The Nesh management team brings decades of international experience in consulting, software development and project management for companies in North America, Europe and Asia with a focus on accountability and quality. With a deep understanding of business analysis techniques, software engineering, agile practices and execution in a global delivery model, the Nesh team can be counted on to help our clients achieve their goals.