Service Overview

Nesh is a full-stack-service software developer with the expertise and capacity to develop a broad range of strategic solutions.

We leverage leading technologies, tools, and best practices, and work with a vast repository of ready-made accelerators and reusable frameworks to build and deploy robust, extensible, and cost-effective enterprise grade high-performance solutions. We always balance the use of these efficient building blocks with appropriate customization to best meet your budget, schedule and strategic needs.

Importantly, Nesh works with clients to understand their business, challenges, budget, and desired objectives so that the solutions we develop align with those business and technology objectives from concept to implementation.


Our experience with this consultative approach has led to our expertise in providing the right blend of talent and development process.

Partner with Nesh


Nesh works with you as a digital partner, whatever your needs.

That can involve individual projects for web, mobile, e-commerce, ioT or cloud functions as well as an on-going relationship for all your existing and emerging technology projects.

Tech Development

We have the required skill set to manage or assist in the development of your technology and applications, and all aspects of IT — from testing, configuration management, deployment, and support. If you have a tech team in place, we can help take some of the load off. If you don’t we can step in, so you can focus on your business.



We provide consulting services with all aspects of IT — from testing, configuration management, deployment, and support. Nesh consults with business managers to develop IT strategies and with in-house tech team to focus on their needs.

IT leadership

Nesh can provide an in-house CTO or senior technical lead to properly get your technology developed, packaged, and deployed to your clients.


We recognize start-ups can often use an objective, informed hand in making key strategic decisions. Our seasoned executives have the experience and expertise to guide and mentor where needed.