Mobile Applications

Nesh has built a repository of reusable components for standard modules like authentication and authorization, social media integration with Facebook and Twitter, leveraging camera device and GPS features, animations, and server communication over wireless networks which cut development time significantly with no vendor lock-in. This includes automated test suites which are a must for today’s applications with continually changing requirements.

Nesh developed mobile applications are certified for the App Stores and have been validated to be truly secure having passed a rigorous suite of test cases.

Web Portals

Nesh has developed its own application development framework with re-usable open source derived modules that can reduce software development time by 30% to 50% with no vendor lock-in. This framework provides back end computing and storage for both web portals and mobile applications enabling a seamless environment for clients to pursue a Web and mobile strategy.

The high level architecture of the framework is shown below for reference.


The Nesh framework also includes large scale automated test suites which are critical for today’s portals with continually changing requirements. Core elements covered by this include: Authentication and Authorization, Role-Based-Access-Controls, Emails and SMS, Logging, Mobile Access Channels, Payment Gateway, Multi-lingual support, Scheduling and Calendar controls.

Cloud Hosting

Nesh can deliver Cloud solutions that leverage the latest technologies providing a secure and high quality user experience. Nesh has successfully delivered many Cloud solutions that are cost effective for small deployments and that can scale rapidly as traffic increases. Nesh has successfully delivered solutions that can handle millions of hits. Specializations include scalability engineering and rigorous security testing.

Nesh has delivered many different Cloud hosted applications leveraging various hosting packages that are comprised of Windows and MSSQL or Linux with MySQL, as was warranted by the scale of the application being deployed. Nesh is fully versed in building security into applications from the start to realize stringent security strategies leveraging public key infrastructures and SSL connectivity. For both new applications and migration of an existing application, Nesh can engineer a simple, redundant or clustered system to grow the investment in an application as dictated by business priorities. This will control hosting costs. Nesh also has experience in selecting data management strategies to meet the localization laws associated with specific geographies. Other important elements that Nesh has delivered to its clients includes methods for managing upgrade cycles to keep operational costs down and architecting applications to be friendly to Cloud deployment architectures where they are delivered across a shared server farm with load balancing.

Nesh also provides monitoring of application delivery performance to ensure that potential problems are identified before they cause service disruptions or affect user experience. This includes detection of security related attacks.